One Love

segunda-feira, maio 15, 2017

Shelter Island

I didn’t know where I was at first
just that woke up in your arms
As if awaking into a daydream
As if it were the most normal thing in the world
As if I had always belonged there

Outside, in the spring forest
The birds, as if they could see inside of me, sang a simple and beautiful song
Of the things beyond words

Last evening, along an expanse of sea and sky
We walked the shoreline
Barefoot and unaccompanied by the world
As the shadows of twilight rose up from among the reeds on the edges of the salt pond
Your hand held mine
And suddenly I realized how long it has been since I felt sand under my feet
Suddenly I realized how long it had been since
Someone’s hand could carry so much

The forecast calls for rain
And all morning clouds gather
Until they finally open up
As we sit in the car waiting for the ferry to Shelter Island

I have never been to Shelter Island
You have brought me here
It is quiet
Trembling lilac blooms lean over white fences
Sweet and heady
Like my heart
Newly unfurled leaves shimmer
Against a swirling gray sky
And we drive with nowhere in particular to go

I think it is good that I have never been to Shelter Island
Because I can be here now for the first time, with you
And I would rather be here
In the rain
Walking with you
On Sunset beach
As if it were a place only we knew
Than at the Louvre, or Malibu or Piccadilly Square
Because I have been to those places
And they are filled with people who do not care
Rushing about
Forgetting to see
The very things they are looking at

And I can look at you
And see the light behind your eyes
As clearly as if it were the sun on a day without clouds
And the only thing I forget
Is what to say
After you kiss me on the beach in the rain and for a moment on Shelter Island time stops

We get back in the car
And drive to nowhere in particular

Later, in the dark
The rain plays a nightsong
I fit back in to your embrace
Which is at once gentle and strong
Like a place of refuge

The rise and fall of your breath
The pulse of your heart
The heat of your skin
Speak a language the requires no translation
A whispered understanding
That we are for each other

Through the open door
A lullaby of raindrops
Carries us
Past the rustling spring woods
Past the salt ponds and dunes
Past the waves of the bay
Past Shelter Island
Carries us
Carries us
Carries us

I wake up in your arms