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quinta-feira, novembro 10, 2005

One Small Step

Yesterday November, 9th, the US House of representatives decided to remove the ANWR drilling provision from the budget bill. (see previous post : sucking us dry) YAY! While the House may try to sneak the issue into the final budget measure next month, last nights retreat was a MAJOR setback for hardline house republicans, the oil lobby, and (my favorite) the Bush administration. The hits just keep on comin' and you've just gotta love it! It'a small step toward returning this country to the REAL American values of conservation, environmental stewardship and (my favorite) democracy! Okay, maybe I shouldn't go that far but it is a sign, at least, that the self interests of moderate republicans in the house are dovetailing with the the the general public interest -- like a solar eclipse, a beautiful, rare occurence. ANYWAY . . .savor the moment and keep up the activism. Remember: to oppose in silence is to approve. This thing isn't over yet but suddenly the prospects look much, much better. How cute are those bears?


The bears are great ... it's the elephants I'm worried about. They'll try this again. Soon.
commented by Blogger Blogenfreude, 5:48 PM  
Remeber "the rage of elephants" on discovery channel? Horrible.
commented by Blogger Minni, 6:54 PM  

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