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sexta-feira, novembro 04, 2005

My Friends

I went out seeking myself, only to find that I had become the journey. I struggled so long to belong, to be accepted, to feel familiar in my surroundings. I became used to struggle. So much so that in times of peace, I sought it out. It was something to which I could belong. But what I was forgetting was the most important thing: that I had not suffered alone. I had been blessed with the souls of others; we were on this journey together. It is you, my friends, that have given my life meaning. We are scattered and we are motley. We are not pillars of perfection but we are wells of strength for one another. It is through you that I know god’s love because here I am a transplanted life, some one who should be so alone and yet I am not. What majesty there is in this simple fact. I long for time spent with you. Because you make me laugh. Really laugh. And you do not judge. Ever. You give me a place in which I can be me. I’m not on sure when it happened. Maybe it was instant, but it seems the years only increase what was immeasurably precious to begin with.
You are my family. And I found you all on my own.


Awww...cute!!! WUVERS!!! I luv that pic too. it's so ironic.
I like ther term "transplanted life" sound like a good title for a story!! heheehehe
commented by Blogger Minni, 6:57 PM  

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