One Love

segunda-feira, novembro 21, 2005

I'm not going to read the news anymore . . .

I'm not going to read the news anymore
I do this every now and then
Because I don't just read the news . . .
I follow it
and lately, the following of the news had made me irritable
and sad

I don't want to be those things

I am going top spend the holiday season in blissful ignorance of it all
I am goiong to meditate daily
I am going to cultivate inner peace

Come the New Year, I will log back on to the BBC
and dive back in
because by then something will probably have happened that I can't ignore anymore

But for now,
I will enjoy the length of the night and the way my handmade scarf warms my neck in the chilly air
I will eat clementines, four in one sitting
and play capoiera until my legs hurt
and then I will take a cherry blossom bubble bath
I will practice patting my belly and rubbing my head at the same time
and finish that painting I started last month
I will read fiction, beautiful fiction

and connect with the good in the world

until the allure of the bad calls me back


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