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terça-feira, março 29, 2005

Bush whacking

I was raised in the bush. Don't laugh, I'm serious. I was raised on a farm in the rainforest of Belize. In Belize, the folks who lived in the rural areas were said to live "back-a-bush". We were real bushies, living without running water or electricity. We chopped wood and hauled water and, of course, whacked bush. It was great. Because everything in life always comes full-circle, I have now reached a stage of my life where I am doing a whole different kind of Bush-whacking. I am no Bush-backer, although I am still, at heart, a bushie. Gimme that axe! I have complied some great Bush-whacking websites because its time to whack back at this wacko. Take heart! THE TRUTH ABOUT GEORGE W. BUSH: Bush is bad for us: Bush is bad for Blacks: Bush is bad for the environment: Bush is bad for foreign policy: Bush is bad for Fallujah (and the rest of the Muslim world): Bush is bad for conservatism (written by a christian conservative): Bush is bad: Why we hate Bush (This site has a counter that keeps track of the tax dollars Bush is spending on Iraq -- watch the number climb higher every second!) RFK on the junk science of Dubya (Boy, is he asking for it): Funny haha And for those who want to make a fashion statement:


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