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terça-feira, janeiro 11, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

Last night I saw the film "Hotel Rwanda" which recounts the true story of a hotel manager during the 1994 civil war in Rwanda that resulted in the death of 800,000 people in 100 days (that is one tenth of Rwanda's entire population) . Everyone should see this movie. The acting is very good and the story is tragic and compelling. It is sad that after so many years of human evolution, we still turn on one another like savages over diffferences that are irrelevant. But perhaps the greatest misfourtune is the way white people from the indistrialized 'global north' refused to intervene to save the lives of Africans. Some people may think that colonization is over, that salvery is a thing of the past but situations like this make it all to clear that old attitudes die hard and that 800,000 black lives are not even worth one white life.

It has been ten years since the world sat by and watched genocide devastate Rwanda, now we are sitting by again as it happens in the Sudan. People, we can do better.

For more information about Rwanda visit: or

To see BBC coverage of the Rwanda Genocide visit: and
To See the Frontline's coverage visit:

For information about the ongoing genocide in Sudan visit:
For more about the current slave trade in Sudan visit:


Hola Mari, I should see that movie. It is horrible what is happening in sudan now. A friend of mine is starting a chapter of amnesty international at OU. should I join?
Anyway, looking forward to more posts!
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