One Love

terça-feira, janeiro 25, 2005

The Celebration

Outside the morning air
is warm
and humid
a solitary seagull glides
then rises again
a canvass of over cast sky
I have made your bed after sleeping in it with you
And though you are gone
I feel you
still here
Is this ancient or new
what I have discovered in you?
I want to fall and end in flight
I am the seagull
No, that's not right
Your familiarity is exciting
and this excitement is familiar
we may destroy ourselves
in the fall but I say, jump
for fear is the beginning of death
and this life is for living, afterall

After all these years of playing Icarus
with wax & borrowed feathers & too close to the sun
I will take my lesson from the seagull
whose wings are his own
and whose fight is not a quest
but a question, a mystery:
Beauty in Survival;
Celebration of Life

Copyright 2004


HOLA MARI!! You are quite the poet!!!!
WUV X 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commented by Blogger Minni, 11:56 PM  

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